It’s Amazing What American Students Do After Finishing Their Last College Essay!

So, you’ve finished your last college essay.


This freedom was so hard to earn: long hours of research, dozens of topics, dilemmas of essay structuring, citing, style and choosing references – they all are left behind now, and you enjoy summer with friends.

By the way, what did you do just after finishing your last college essay?

Students are very ingenious when it comes to celebrating their academic achievements. Just take a look at the below list: isn’t it amazing what young people make and do to express emotions the whole nine yards?

So, after finishing their last college essay, American students…


Nope, it’s not about going to karaoke and raising the roof there, driving crazy all people around. Today students take an innovative approach to singing.

You better check this awesome video to understand the idea: young people make songs to share emotions on writing final essays and getting good grades.

YouTube is the best instrument for those willing to be heard: millions of voices, both awesome and… well, awkward ones, sing there to make us laugh or cry. So, it’s not surprising students choose this channel to share news and… become popular, maybe? Like they say, it’s a case of swings and roundabouts.


What is the fastest way to make the world know about your success? Thousands of American students choose Twitter to do this: 140 symbols seem quite enough to demonstrate creativity and share unusual tweets on writing your last college essay with others.

Some fellows try to stand out from the crowd and make their tweets intriguing and head-turning. The same goes for Instagram: his majesty #Hashtag helps us share news with the world:

Image source: Instagram

… Roll down a hill!

This is a relatively new tradition of some college students to celebrate the end of academic year: they just find the biggest hill in the area and roll down it!

Didn’t you use to do like this when you were a kid?

Image source:

By the way, rolling down the hill is an annual contest that takes place in Brockworth (Gloucestershire, England): it is called a cheese rolling contest, and contestants should race 8lbs of cheese 200 yards down in line of Cooper’s Hill. A winner gets… who could have thought? Cheese!

And here is a step-by-step guide on how to roll down a hill for those willing to try this funny pastime one day.

… Take jump shots!

Initially, jump shots referred to sports, basketball in particular: taking a jump shot meant shooting basketball players while jumping. Jump shots were invented in 1940s and had nothing in common with students and college life. Don’t tell us!

But it seems that jump shots become a mainstream today, as more and more young people choose them to express happiness, satisfaction, and the whole scale of positive emotions.

Modern jump shots look like this:

Image source:

… Dance!

Everyone likes to move it, move it! And when it comes to a student who has just finished writing his last college essay, who feels he can fly and touch the sky, who wants to express all emotions but can’t find any words to describe them – dancing seems a perfect way to do that.

Another tradition of American students to celebrate all writing assignments accomplishment and the end of academic year is dances. The place to dance doesn’t matter, as well as dancing skills of participants: good mood is the only must-have for this trick to work out.

Discos, nights-in, or dancing alone in shower and downloading the video of those wild dances to YouTube – students can be very inventive when they want to grandstand or share both fails and achievements to public.

One more way to mark the end of college writing era is organizing a dancing flesh mob! Students are very good with that, and they never miss a chance of taking part in something like this.

You like it? Move it!

… Make memes!

They say, the meme era comes to the end; but it seems happy students don’t think so: before and after writing their essays and exams, they create funny memes to support fellow students and make everyone know how it feels when you should complete all assignments on time but don’t feel motivated and inspired enough to do that.

Meme Center is the best place for students to meet and share their feelings and emotions on both college writing and its successful (or not) accomplishment.

Dozens of online meme generators have been created to help students communities express their thoughts visually, and it’s not surprising this phenomenon is so popular and supported from pole to pole: as we all know, a picture is worth a thousands words. Especially when it comes online.

… Party hard!

No, no! It’s not about those ordinary parties students have at campus every day and week. The devil is in the details: they’ve just finished their final college essay, so they need something special to rock this world and let everyone know they are cool!

Have you ever taken part in bubble-wrap parties? It’s worth trying: cover yourself, your friends, and everything around in bubble wrap and organize a wrestling match! Roughly speaking, it looks like this:

Image source:

Outdoor raves are very popular among students, too. If they do not have such parties in the area, it’s not a problem to hop on a train and go over the hills and far away. Don’t be afraid of being in the track of students who party hard after finishing their academic year: YOLO mantra is straight from the hood here, especially in summer.

Oh, you still have to write your essay or pass your exams? It can be fun, too: these 50 things to do in a final will make your day by all means. Warning: not all of them would be a good idea to practice; otherwise, big chances are you will never finish your academic year.

Do you write your final essay or exam but know you are failing already? Your fail can be creative, too: these 25 ideas will inspire you (still better than getting bored anyway!)


Stay wise, no matter what they say.

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